Atelier specialized & handcrafted luxury timeless accessories.
GAËLA is a love story knitted from the harmony of a Parisian mother, blended with her daughter’s Italian roots.
Blossoming in 2018 as a small collection of quintessential necessities, GAËLA is for people with a life full of romance, connection, and independence. We have woven an enriched tapestry with strong yet delicate threads of empowerment, self-awareness, and style, embodying Mexican flavor and sensibility, Italian design, and French taste in modern yet classic authenticity.
Playful yet sultry. GAËLA is natural, sensitive, and sensible, just as the authentic you, who has that je ne sais quoi — that is undefinable, with your own rhythm, your own voice, in tune with the natural elements and with a great appreciation of culture.
We are bold. We are beautiful. We are pure. We are you.